Full dataset for Family Politics

The idea of creating this dataset on ‘family politics’ in Parliament began when Patrick French was researching India: A Portrait. With help from friends and contacts across the nation, he compiled information showing how each MP in the current 15th Lok Sabha had entered politics. It has become an unexpectedly rich source of biographical information on India’s parliamentarians, and is available


for free public use. By clicking this link you are accepting the terms set out in this paragraph. You can include any results and analysis from the Family Politics dataset in your own publications or research, providing all material is credited to www.theindiasite.com. If you use information from India: A Portrait, it should be credited to the book itself in an academic citation.

When compiling the Family Politics dataset, we estimated that 3 per cent of Lok Sabha MPs could arguably be switched to a different category of political background. If you are a Member of Parliament and feel you have been placed in the wrong ‘background’ category, or you would like to provide more information about your own route to politics, please email the administrator: contact@theindiasite.com. The information contained in the Family Politics dataset came from diverse published and unpublished sources, and The India Site will be happy to correct any errors, omissions or inaccuracies. The Family Politics project is an evolving and collaborative venture, and will be updated after each general election in India.

The gathering of information involved around fifty people, including Megha Chauhan (who searched out details for the north and outlying territories, and edited and fact-checked diffuse data), Arun Kaul (who created and managed the complete spreadsheet), Rasheed Kidwai (who mined Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkand, Rajasthan and West Bengal), Mithilesh Kumar (Bihar), N. Bhanutej, C.K. Sivanandan, Rajeev Gowda and Ramu Patil (Karnataka and Kerala), Mr and Miss Anonymous (Gujarat), Peerzada Arshad Hamid (Jammu and Kashmir), M. Gunasekaran and Kamini Mahadevan (Tamil Nadu), Lallian Chhunga (Mizoram), Karri Sriram and Sakru Naik Banavath (Andhra Pradesh), Dhanraj Misra (Orissa) and Vidya Krishnan (Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh). Some of the most important contributions came from state-level political journalists or activists who have chosen to remain anonymous.

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