‘A Brahmin Heart’

Rahul Pandita

by Rahul Pandita

My journalistic career nearly began with the journey of a Dalit man who had just resigned from a senior post in the revenue services to launch a political party. I attended his first presser at the Delhi Press Club. A few months later, I drove to a town on the fringes of Delhi to cover a mammoth rally he was addressing. I was force fed a samosa and a soft drink while the leader ranted about ‘Manuwaad’ and the need to destroy the ‘Brahminical order’. At the end of his speech I interviewed him, and we shook hands. He asked for my business card. Suddenly his ears turned crimson with embarrassment, and he said: ‘Please don’t mind my speech.’ Of course, I didn’t. After that episode we met many times, and I must have interviewed him two or three times more. He was embarrassed because he had read my surname on my business card.

I am a Brahmin, a Kashmiri Pandit, who was forced out of my home at the age of 14 after Islamic terrorists began to call the shots in the Kashmir valley in 1989-90. I have had my share of hardship, as victims of violence face worldwide. I don’t remember ever being conscious of my caste. My parents were no socialist reformers, but I never heard them speak of caste or us being different or special from others. They were not overtly religious, but they were believers. My father knew his scriptures, and I learnt  the Hanuman Chalisa from my grandfather at the age of eight. Like my ancestors, I wear the Janeu – the sacred thread that Brahmins are supposed to wear. And I don’t eat meat on Tuesdays. That was the one thing I had promised my grandfather.

I am saying this because I have been covering the Maoist insurgency for several years now. I have written extensively about people’s movements, about the plight of farmers and adivasi tribals, and on the violence perpetrated against Dalits. I have written on the life of the senior Maoist leader Anuradha Ghandy. And I have reported on human rights violations in Kashmir as well. Many people I meet ask me (in disbelief) why I cover these issues – and  it baffles me. It baffles me because I get the sense they only expect Dalits or ‘leftists’ to report on the subjects I write about, and in the way I do. Or at least one should be a JNU pass out with a jhola. Or so they think.

A few years ago, confided a friend, a prominent Dalit intellectual had mentioned my work at a book launch. At this, another Dalit intellectual remarked: ‘But he is a Pandit after all!’ Now I don’t know why this should be a problem! As a Brahmin, does it make me less sensitive to the plight of the poor or the marginalised? Why is it such a big deal that I can wear my Janeu, recite my Hanuman Chalisa, and yet go to Bant Singh’s house in Bhurj Jabbar, thirstily gulp down a few glasses of water, and tell his story? Where is the contradiction? To be truthful, I don’t know what exactly that ass Manu has said that makes so many people angry. I also heap abuses on Tulsidas who wrote:  “Dhol, ganwaar, shudra, pashu, nari/ ye sab tadan ke adhikari”. Drum, illiterate, lower castes and women are better off with beating. I am also of the firm belief that all these so-called babas one watches on religious channels (and increasingly on news channels) should be sent to Gulag. And that the whole disputed structure in Ayodhya should be turned into a multi-specialty hospital after forcibly annexing the entire wealth of Sathya Sai Baba. These are my personal views, of course.

My father didn’t have much to teach me. But he taught me a few things, nevertheless. He taught me to be proud of my roots, of where I come from. He taught me to be proud of any work I chose, and to excel in it. I don’t think I’ve excelled in journalism, but, yes, I have always stuck to the truth. That is what wearing the Janeu means to me. That is why I protest the arrest of Binayak Sen. That is why I protest Operation Green Hunt. That is why it gives me no joy when a father is made to frog-jump in front of his son by a CRPF soldier in Kashmir.

And, yes, I have violated the rule of no meat on Tuesdays once in my life so far. It was at a meal served in Hyderabad by the revolutionary writer Varavara Rao’s wife, Hemalata. She served it with so much love, I just couldn’t refuse.

Rahul Pandita’s latest book, “Hello, Bastar: The Untold Story of India’s Maoist Movement” is now available in bookstores. You can follow him on Twitter: @rahulpandita

80 Responses to ‘A Brahmin Heart’

  1. Kalyan Kumar says:

    Honesty is Honesty ——– Let it come from any one ——– So called brahmin/so called dalit/ so called muslim/ so called christian .

    Ghulam rasool ———– Thank you for expressing your rabid hatred . People like you will always not rest until you ensure that the so called inferior kafirs and their way of life is erased but their women will be made to bear the seed of your future generations. . Your kind would always justify what you did was right always —– because your religion , your prophet is the most superior at all times.

    To all in this thread

    The so called Brahmins alone could not have implemented this caste system ,the force of arms has never been with them. The so called other castes which had more materialistic force and force of arms to back up were definitely partners in this SHAMEFUL INHUMAN OPPRESSION.

    Why do many so called self proclaimed secularists do not accept this obvious fact?.



    No way that the so called hindutva savers can justify so called revenge killings for what happened in history. No way can loss of so many innocent lives LET IT BE HINDU,MUSLIM,CHRISTIAN,SIKH AND ALL SO CALLED CASTES,OTHER DIVISIONS WITHIN THEM) be justified

    WAKE UP ——— WAKE UP .

    Kalyan Kumar – a Human deemed a “Brahmin” as per some of my fellow humans who incidentally have identified themselves as Brahmins, Nairs, Fernando Christians,Naidus, Dawoodi Bohra Muslim, Sunni Muslim ,True Christian spreading the word of Christ -the only true god as a New Life Assembly of God Church Member etc.

    • Enlightened soul says:

      Eliminate Oppression and Inequality.
      Eliminate Caste based Oppression and Inequality.
      Eliminate Caste and Reservations. Let there be summary trial and punishment for caste based discrimination. Whatever one can study and one can gain work, let that individual do it.
      No caste based last names.
      All are equal.

      The true brahmin is the one, who realizes the maze of souls, lifecycle and equality of life.

      How many strong willed politicians and social activists will really agree to the solution of eliminating the caste and reservation. They want the problem not to be solved and not to be resolved, because of vote banks. If poverty, casteism and other social evils are solved, what else would there be to talk ?

      Everybody needs a punching bag to punch at and keep punching for eternity. Even in this twentyfirst century the bogey of oppressing brahmin is shown as the cause of all evil. If real reform is to be brought about and humanity has to grow, let caste be eliminated from use in forms and banned, illegalised and all be equal and have equal opportunities based on what they can study, earn etc.

      Can some social welfare activist push for this law change ?

      Do people really understand that the ‘real’ brahmin believes in equality of all souls in the circle of life ? Until that happens, keep bashing the bogey oppressor brahmin.

  2. amit says:

    There is some truth in article , Brahmins r indeed looked at with disdain sometimes , as much u abuse Brahmin that much Secular , socialist etc etc u became ,

    but no matter how strongly u try to prove urself “Modern” ( hospital in Ayodhya , “ass manu” etc etc ) u can not change mindset of other communities , look at comment of Ghulam Rasool ,Muslims like to live in self delusion ,
    and abt other Hindu communities , all know that they themselevs r hypocrite , everytime they want reservation , they refer to historical Torturing Brahmin , for the sufferings of their Forefathers they want Brahmin of these days to suffer ,
    all this can happen in india only , its a land of characterless people,
    who will never look within themselves , who enjoy the job without competition , thanks to so called tortures of Past by Brahmin ,

  3. Indian says:

    Rahul Pandita completely exposed in his replies to Ghulam Rasool. ‘Spitting on sky’, wonderful way to avoid an argument. Rahul Pandita has decided that he is “SKY”. Wonderful! If you are wrong, admit it, don’t try to be over-smart.

  4. Sandeep says:

    Mr. Pandit,

    The truth is very simple. The people who divided society on the basis of Caste and Creed, are Brahmins. No one can deny this fact.

    You, may be an exception but it does not mean anything more than that. One direct reason could be that you never got a chance to grow up in that usual feeling of Brahmin supremacy. From last 20-30 years, Kashmiri Brahmins’ plight is indeed miserable. However, this is a very recent event and does not change the Brahmin mind or heart. Trying to advocate for the entire caste on basis of personal experience is unwarranted.

    The above write-up is not neutral. “A Brahmin Heart” – the very title makes it something else.

    At the bottom of your heart you too know that Caste system is the greatest evil in Modern Hinduism and it were Brahmins who made this addition to Hinduism and its them only who constantly nurture it.

    Brahmins, are conservative. If they will not be so mean and conservative then they would not survive. To be evil is their way of life. It may be hard for you to realize this fact as one is not able to see the bigger picture from inside. Fortunately, I am not a Brahmin and I can see the evil in them.

    Even in Varn system, what exactly is the work that Brahmin entitled themselves to do. The answer is that no work was assigned to them. Oh, I am sorry, I just lost the zeal to share all the evils in Brahmins. There are too reasons for it. They are so many that I can’t write them all and the second is that everyone sane already knows it, including you.

    Please do not consider the above as any attack on your persona. It is a comment only on the write-up and I have great sympathy to the plight of Kashmiris.

    • Sai Kiran Sharma says:

      Really Sandeep? There are a few points I would like to bring on here for your information. You may like to ignore them; but truth remains the truth.

      While you express in your post that Brahmins are responsible for the division of soceity, then i request you to re-read the history properly.
      Brahmins: were priests, one who cant take up anyother profession other than, living on Alms of food provided by the others. No one was a brahmin or shudra or Kshatriya by birth. Every one earns the caste as they do their karma. karma means work, not just the deeds of the past life.

      Nanda Dynasty and Mauryan Empire:
      these were undisputed Dynasties of ancient India which ruled over the akhanda bharat almost 85% of it. And both were of shudra origins. How come shudras ruled over such vast lands of India if they were lower in hierarchy in an way? hence ; proves a point that no caste is inferior or superior. And Chanakya was a brahmin who educated Chandragupta(shudra kula). Ashoka’s Mother was a Brahmin woman married to Bindusara(shudra). Yet our history books chose to ignore this.

      But ofcourse; gullible Indians are made to believe that Brahmins did the division.

      Kashmiri Brahmins have been persecuted not just in recent times, but also their plight goes as far as 13th century; when the Islamic invaders like Timur et al. came into India.
      My Ancestors belong to the Martandeya Temple sect of Kashmir; the sun temple. My ancestors had to leave that place at the time of invasion. we had to either comply with the terms of the invaders or die or leave.
      Complying with their terms would mean, to change the shastra’s. i.e. Caste is earned by present birth’s karma to caste by birth.

      Its during this very time, that Manusmriti kept on coming. And it kept on becoming the favourite book of the invaders. As they like to believe that a religion should be governed by a single book! written by a certain man who claims to be a prophet. But, thats their view.
      So next time you go on and on bashing the brahmins remember this post of mine.
      All throughout the times, I have seen; its the other castes who have beaten and humiliated the shudras. But, shudras like to blame the Brahmins. for what?

  5. db says:

    the problem is u all care about ur caste,religion,language,place,history(i call them narrow minded ).come on grow up,this is 21st century ,remember?the truth is we all are human(blood ,flesh,brain,bone).u asshole can do only one thing, dig the history but pick only the bad one.some brahmin(narrow minded) attacked dalits. now the govt. attacking the whole group of brahmin(who has nothing to do with the dead past).this is the fact.no one is better i see only barking dogs and dogs who has a devilish brain.be human believe more in humanity(only that can bring peace).don’t live in the past it will wash ur brain and can affect some innocent people.u know what, u think u r rebel but the reality is other laughs at ur mental level LOL(i feel pity sometimes).Interesting thing is i am brahmin too(by birth).but i only believe in humanity(help other,don’t harm other).but this line has no value for some of u because u choose war instead of peace(zombies) ,i think actually u like it that way.for u living in the past like like living in the dream.ex. for ur mental level” u said somewhere in your life that , “i hate muslim or brahmin or british or anything, but when a beauty queen of the same hated caste/religion passes across the street u say”kaash ye mil jati to maza aa jata”.now that is you, simple u.So, try to think for the beautiful future,living in the past like living in the gutter.If u see something is bad happening out there then protest that but don’t turn that in a community way.that is a really bad thing.I am telling u it because,me and my family(my MAA,father,n bro) had suffered a lot in the past by some narrow minded people(unfortunately they were dalit).we never practiced evil things of religion.But,they never given us a place in there society.actually there was only two brahmin family.My mother is a housewife and see has no friend to talk from more then twenty years.and we also live in hostel. I feel really bad for her.BUt what can I do this is the society.My most of the good friends are from tribal community.See, I don’t know u can understand this things or not.But i beg u that don’t harm any one.JUST LIVE WITH HUMANITY because ur race is HUMAN……. PEACE. One thing more hats off to all those good comments up there(irrespective of their caste) and the others JUST go to hell or GET SOME EDUCATION, i don’t care about ur shitty comment.

    • JC says:

      U ARE PNE IGNORANT THING !!!…. u talk bout humanity in this area!!… omg ! u are a spoilt who doesin even knw basic history !!..
      plz STFU !

  6. Aditya (University of Portsmouth) says:

    Do not burn Manu Smriti ! Burn (purge) the Manu Smritic Rubbish in your feudal mindset which stinks when you interact with an SC/ST.

    Don’t show off by burning a religious text, rather be the change that you want to see in the society.

  7. Trayansh says:

    It is the followers and not founders who make an ‘ism’ and its history.
    The world has progressed to a level where no one is free-as-a-bird or privileged. Personal relationship, family and society are undergoing a vast change. If we do not want to get drawn into the impending whorl of machine equalization that exploit one’s youth and turns its back on the dysfunctional, let us devote ourselves to getting educated (privilege of Brahmin) devise policy (duty of Kshatriya) practice execution (enterprise of Vaishya) and carve our destiny (action of Sudra). Focus is required on free, accessible, quality education, robust infrastructure and faith on ‘possibility of good’. Corruption (term and practice, both) rises out of disbelief and mistrust — of people, practices and ideas.
    Should we fight ills to better our lot, or fight aimlessly come what may?

  8. Swadesh says:

    “Dhol, ganwaar, shudra, pashu, nari/ ye sab tadan ke adhikari”.

    Ramayan is written in Avadhi language. In Avadhi, ‘Tadana’ means ‘special care’. Tulsidas in this verse talks on how we should take ‘speacial care’ of Dhol, Ganwaar, Shudra, Pashu and Nari. People think ‘Tadan’ here for beating.
    If you don’t beat Dhol with care then it will tore.

    • Prakash says:

      These corrupt mentality people will not understand or try to be an ignorant. They are quick to find demerits of Bhrahmanism and criticise if some one discussing about janeu but they will not try to check their neck when they block trafic on the roads for hours on every friday, they are not interested to remove govt. tag of SC/ST for the sack of tiny benefits but if a brahmanism is telling his experience they term it as a communal.

      • Kumarpushp says:

        Prakash , 160 million dalits have to join with 120 million muslims to give reply to hindus and their hindu led government at delhi.

  9. ganapathy says:

    a wonderful reply by kufir

    • Shankar says:

      Leave the bigotry and casteism of Kufr aside. If Kufr’s hatred of Brahmins is the shining leadership that the SC/STs can provide then India is better off without his kind of enlightenment.

      Kufr’s philosophy is the nearest thing to fascism for his hate. And bless me, Kufr will have nothing to answer for when you ask him for his reaction to the looting by his much loved and heralded brethern from the SC/ST and OBC castes he espouses as superior – A Raja, the virulently anti-Brahmin DMK, ex-CM of Jharkand Madhu Koda, the disgraced Shibhu Soren and many, many more who have looted India.

      What does Kufr has to say about them? Nothin.

      And ex-CJI Balakrishnan, ex-HC Judge Dinakaran?

      Before pointing fingers, point them first at yourself.

      How many SC/ST and OBC leaders have gone about working among the poor and disadvantaged when they are not erecting their own statues using public money? How many?

      It is a game. The SC/ST and OBCs politicians want to have a permanent constituency of backwards which they guard like a property they have a divine right over.

      Even the Fuhrer did not write the hate to the degree that Kufr does.

      • Prakash says:

        Well said , Sir. I’m sorry but unfortunately it is a bitter fact that these people are actully Mentally Dalit.

        • ganapathy says:

          GREAT .can u explain the meaning of mentally dalit.
          we dont need brahmin saviours/writers/messiahs to get us out of mental and physical dalitness is my reply to the article and no better example for it than your words.thank you
          whatever be the faults i will always prefer a soren over seshan 1000 out of 1000 times.why r u worried about the statues built by mayawathi .what she has done to the dalits and MK to backwards is something very great which had made u squirm on seeing/hearing about them
          KGB is just one out of the 16(there is a affidavit stating that 8 are defenitely corrupt in SC)and ur hatred against him alone shows how panditas will never cross their janeu while reporting/writing

      • Kumarpushp says:

        Dalits and muslims require a separate nation away from barbaric hindus.

      • Kumarpushp says:

        50% of supreme court Judges are corrupt till neck,Kalmandi,Sheela Dixit are corrupt,99% hindus are corrupt that why India is sinking in corruption.so befor abusing dalits Hindus should look to their cousins who are looting wealth of por people and giving to their hindus gods and doses so making them corrupt also.

  10. Pooja says:


    this reading was totally heart to heart :)

  11. Kumarpushp says:

    Dear Rahul Pandit, 160 million dalits are living in hell in India where every 6 hour ,one dalit woam is being raped by so called hindu and every 12 hour one dalit man is being killed by barbaric hindu.you look at data about killing of dalit in cow shits India where you will find ,all klling is being done by caste hindus. 120 million muslims are in india but none of killing or rape on dalits had done by muslims.every thing is roll around hinduism. Mhatama gandhi was sleeping nacked with 22 year woman and still claiming that he can sleep without doing sex means he was child molester .when we see photograph of gandhi on Indian rupees we feel nauseating about corrupt Hindus and their hindu led government in india.I had seen photograph of Shankracharya where their Bhakta were carrying his shits on their hand as they are carrying Prasad.If you want to prosper India means we have to annhilate the hinduism from india.you can see sai baba wealth including gold and silver.All hindu saint including Shankracharya are corrupt up to neck and our PM and President are sharing dais with them what a shame for hindus and their hindu led government in india.

  12. Manu says:

    Once again we have uninformed folks and ideologues with no knowledge of Sanskrit or dharma, spewing the usual venom of “Hindu philosophy = caste”, “Manusmriti = bad”, etc. Yes, the smriti-s, and not only the Manusmriti, have some stuff which is anachronistic, prejudiced and discriminatory. But vast majority of those texts have wonderful ideas. I am all for trashing those few “bad verses” down the drain. But throwing muck at the whole faith, at the whole book for what is undeniably only a very small minority of writings, is nothing but idiotic, uninformed and most likely of all ideologically, or agenda driven.

    • nalanz says:

      Yes, the nucleus of Hindu culture is the caste system. And that is a philosophy that upholds inequality as its driving philosophy. Any other religion in this world accepts the concept of equality at least in theory, but not Brahmanism. That is why it is outdated and a misfit for the progressive world that we live today.

      And what about Sanskrit, the tool used to keep ‘knowledge’ out of the reach of the untouchables. Fortunately today the enlightened humanity does not need the outdated Sanskrit based knowledge either, which are in essence less than mediocre. The only role of Sanskrit today is to hide away the mediocrity of the ideas it expounds. The moment it is translated to a common language, its mediocrity stands exposed.

      Can you try and dig up your holy Sanskrit texts and show at least one idea that can be termed intellectually stimulating ?

      • Anand R says:

        “Can you try and dig up your holy Sanskrit texts and show at least one idea that can be termed intellectually stimulating ?”

        Oh countless –you’re a funny troll but a troll all the same. Now you know trolls are these ugly little things that need a thorough spanking.

        And I have another question—if dalits have felt excluded from mainstream hinduism why didn’t they create their own knowledge systems/texts/languages (such as Sanskrit) for their own exclusive use? Is is because they as a group were unable to come up with anything equivalent? I have nothing but contempt for these ugly hypocrites crying discrimination at every turn.

  13. Philip Vinod Peacock says:

    Honouring a sacred thread in India is like a White Anglo Saxon Protestant honouring a burning cross. I am sure that a burning cross has deep roots that they are proud of, but for the African American it is deeply associated with a history of violence. So Mr. Pandit, be proud of your sacred thread but to every Dalit and Tribal it represents a history of violence and exclusion!

    • suresh says:

      By rewriting your paragraph with a different symbol and a different groups, I get:

      (The) Honouring (of) a cross (by a Christian) is like a White Anglo Saxon Protestant honouring a burning cross. I am sure that the burning cross has deep roots that they are proud of, but for the African American it is deeply associated with a history of violence. So Mr. Peacock, be proud of your sacred cross but to every Jew it represents a history of violence and exclusion!

      I am sure you are well aware that there is a history of anti-Jewish prejudice and discrimination by (mostly European) Christians. By your own logic, therefore, Christians should not honour the primary symbol of their faith. I don’t think even Jews will buy this argument, let alone you, a Christian theologian.

      Let me make it clear why the above “argument” is ridiculous. The “burning cross” was often used to explicitly intimidate by the Ku Klax Klan and like organizations . It was used to intimidate not just African Americans, but also Jews. There is no evidence that the janeu was used in that manner. It might be a symbol of past and continuing oppression in much the same way that the cross can be a reminder of past discrimination to a Jew. But just as the cross as such was not used to intimidate explicitly, neither was the janeu. I hope this illustrates why your comparison is inappropriate.

      Let me make a related point. No one is demanding that the nation “honour” the janeu, not even Rahul. He only says that he wears it. That is his personal decision. I do not deny that many Dalits (and even others) may find it offensive but so what? Would it be acceptable for the cross to be banned because some Jews find it offensive? We have already seen where this “ban because we find it offensive” can lead us: the death of M. F. Husain in London was a stark reminder. If that was not acceptable, why should a ban on the janeu be acceptable?

      • Philip Vinod Peacock says:

        Dear Suresh,

        First off, I am not asking for the janeu to be banned. I am bringing into question the rootedness of the symbol in exclusion and violence. And yes the cross is rooted in a history of violence not only against the African Americans and Jews but also against Muslims and wherever the colonial enterprise carried the cross (and gun) together.

        I do not think that we can remove this historical symbolism of the cross from its location in violence and that is precisely why I would be hesitant to claim pride in the cross, even more so since the symbol of the suffering Christ has more often than not been used to legitimize the suffering of vulnerable groups. I would in fact distance myself and call others to distance themselves from such violent symbols and their interpretations.

        While I admit the polyvocality of symbols, what I was and am trying to draw attention to is the hollowness of the argument that a janeu, as a socio-cultural symbol can be a legitimate source of pride for someone who is concerned with the issue of caste and caste based discrimination.

        Looking forward to your response,


        • suresh says:

          Dear Philip,

          Firstly, thanks for your thoughtful response. The standard for internet responses being fairly low, it is a pleasure when one comes across a considered and thoughtful response.

          I agree with you that in a society like ours, we should be sensitive to the fact that symbols that we associate ourselves with may be seen by others in a very different light. This sensitivity is especially required of those who happen to occupy a privileged position in society.

          Having said that, I would rather not get into the question of whether a person’s association with or pride in a particular symbol says anything about his commitment to a particular cause. For one, as you say, symbols are “polyvocal” in that they may have more than one meaning.

          Second, and more importantly, the whole business of making inferences about intentions based on a person’s identification or pride in a particular symbol is fraught with danger. I am sure you are more than aware that the constant refrain of the Hindutvavadis is that Christians and Muslims do not “identify” with India and they do not take pride in “Hindu” achievements. Of course, it is idiotic (I brace myself for flames to follow.) but you can see why I think this whole business is fraught with danger.

          It is not my case that one can never make inferences based on identification or pride in a symbol. If a German (say) were to tell me that he/she is anti-semitic but also takes pride in the Nazi swastika, then I would surely question that person’s sincerity. I don’t think the janeu falls in that class. I guess you disagree. I am happy to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

          Again, many thanks for your response.

  14. BRK Nanda says:

    What Rahul has written is very simple and straight with some emotions involved in it, but what surprises me is that few commentators have tried to read between the lines (unnecessarily though) and acted smart than the rest. I just want to ask Mr Amit (whoever he is) is it necessary to burn the Janeu so that so-called suffering of so-called OBC/Dalits will go away?

    By the way I am an Oriya (so-called) brahmin and my wife is (so-called) OBC. We along with our extended families are having good times. Now I am a proud father of two ( boy and a girl). I dont know whether my babies are brahmins or OBCs.

  15. Rosemary Marandi says:

    Just Three points for You Aditya.

    “when our killers such as Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate are sentenced by Court.” : THESE ARE YOUR KILLERS….FIGHT AGAINST THEM.

    “Next you will call me a Communal? In waiting..?” NO. YOU ARE JUST A STRAYED KID, BRAINWASHED.


    I am a not a Kashmir Expert nor do i wish to cover that land’s politics.. but I know too many people who wish things were better and more peaceful. Ask your Dad and other elders..They want the same. And i am sure they dont want peace at the behest of the muslim neighbour’s grave

  16. 4thAugust1932 says:

    You shouldn’t talk about Caste unless your parents are Inter-Caste.

  17. nalanz says:

    My father didn’t have much to teach me. But he taught me a few things, nevertheless. He taught me to be proud of my roots, of where I come from

    Proud of the roots of a culture that had the caste system as its basic philisophy, a philososphy of inequality!! Do you consider the Brahmanical Hindu religion is compatable with the modern concepts of equality. The simple fact is that the Brahmanical religion cannot co-exist with the progressive concepts of equality. There is nothing to be proud of our roots. It can only be recalled with awe and disgust, the barbaric forms of uintochability. The philisophy that subjects such a emotional and theoritical cruelty to the untouchables that they do not even have an afterlife, that can be a solace to their very existance…. No sane person can feel proud of such a legacy

    • puneet says:

      im a proud hindu brahmin,their was some fault in few old narrow minded brahmins just like white christian supremacists of today,but then again so many brahmin became social reformer,and both hindus and christians are progressive ppl.dalit hindus are our brothers,now my parents wont allow me to marry any non brahmin girl.its what they want their son to do.they r not insulting anyone,in fact as a brahmin rule they wont allow me to marry in 4 brahmin caste which i belong to. and if manu smriti is insulting or other hindu books,we have every right to criticize them,i just wonder why noone dare say anything against quran,it is full of violence, isnt it.??the main reason rahul pandita had to flee his home.

  18. Debabrata Mohanty says:

    An extremely honest and well-written post. Brilliant as usual.

  19. P.N.Razdan says:

    I am sorry Rahul. I thought you are a budding KP journalist and read your post with interest. You are not any different from the present lot of pseudo secularists who fashion their Hindu birth to denigrate their religion.You parade your Brahman cult to do so. You have no business to call Manu Rishi as an ass. I also don’t believe in some of his writings about Shudras but wont dare to call him by this name.( I am sure you must never have read Manusmriti, because you dont seem to have moved beyond Hanuman Chalisa- not a script by the way). We are all wearing a Janueu and you are not doing a favour to KPs by doing so.
    Hindus are fighting for a reverence and due respect to their religion, traditions and history with no disrespect to other faiths.We must be as proud to be Brahmans or Hindus as we would like any Muslim to be proud of his religion. But we donot want to eulogize them by marauding our culture. You seem to be no different from this lot.

    • Mitra says:

      To call Manu merely an “ass” is not enough. The Manu Samhita is a horrendously racist/bigoted creed which recommends an apartheid based on caste and promotes hatred more effectively than Hitler. The problem with our education system is that there are too many Hindus like you who are not ashamed to believe in the caste system.

  20. Ghulam Rasool says:

    Amit has raised a very important point. As I said before the whole piece was crap and childish. Why is this so call author holding his Brahmin caste on his sleeve? Stupid pandit. If he wants to sell his book why does he bring in factually wrong information on Kashmir.

  21. Nishit Sharma says:

    Nice post….it shouln’t matter whether u belong to upper caste or lower caste…the so called netas use this as a powerful tool to gain vote bank by keeping people divided( british policy ofcourse). Can we expect smday the caste column be missing from forms (admission or official). If that is possible smday, then we can say India shining :)

  22. Amit says:

    Dear Rahul Pandita,
    I hope this time you will reply to my questions and not Aditya raj kaul
    as we have had already a discussion on chandu and on caste based reservation.
    Let me give u a brief account of an insider-standing outside kashmiri society.
    I hope you know that muslims in kashmir were literally beggars in kashmir
    working on the fields of Kashmiri pandits and were used in ‘begar’ also by govt.
    officials. Land reforms of 1950 gave some respite to them due to radical land
    distribution. But still discrimination in kashmir continued and even after 1947,
    a kashmiri muslim was not allowed to enter kashmiri pandits kitchen, they were
    given food in separate untensils.. May i ask why? U may site me some rare examples, but then exceptions prove generalization. Now coming to next question if u don’t
    have probs in eating and drinking at a dalits place then why do you need to call
    urself a brahmin? Don’t you stand for the annihilation of caste? If not, then why not? If yes then why this tag of a Brahmin? Your janeu might be anything for u, for a
    lower caste, its a symbol of exploitation and oppression they have suffered for last
    2000 years. Can’t u burn or throw it away for them. Won’t
    you spit and burn Manusmriti and Vedas. Won’t you qusetion that
    eternal God who was made the fountainhead of all varnas. Won’t u negate
    him/her and won’t u say Hinduism,Huidutva= caste System, Reliogion=
    oppression and exploitation. As U seem to be progressive
    having nothing against JNU, jhola walas??

    • Prakash says:

      “Don’t you stand for the annihilation of caste? If not, then why not? If yes then why this tag of a Brahmin? Your janeu might be anything for u, for a
      lower caste, its a symbol of exploitation and oppression they have suffered for last”

      You are right sir, but can you give your same views on reservation ? NO, you want brahmins to eradicate caste systems but at the same time you want reservation for yourself and your childern on caste ground. get a life man, its very easy to preach others but try to check your own sleeves sometimes.

    • Rahul Pandita says:

      Dear Amit, I had promised myself that I will not respond to any comment generated by my piece. First of all, it is not about Kashmir; it is regarding my experiences about how people react to my caste during my numerous reporting assignments. But since you pick and chose Kashmir, let me tell you, Comrade, Kashmir is not a poster that you stick outside the administrative block of JNU. You mention “begaar” and land reforms. All that is perhaps true. You have read your history books. But have you read what happened to Kashmiri Pandits during Islamic rule? How they were treated as slaves, how thousands of them were taken slaves across Hindukush? But my Brahmin logic says that for something that was done generations ago, the present generation should not be held responsible. I remember someone commenting long time ago on a blog post on partition: don’t go to your ancestors. That will turn you mad. And this is so true, so apt for the whole world.

      The logic you are offering has also formed the basis of the argument that the Hutus used to slaughter millions of Tutsis in Rwanda. The Kashmiri Muslims may have been landless or oppressed during the Maharaja’s rule, but, later, the minority faced similar bias in jobs. It is not the fault of those who were killed or driven out of their homes. All the posts of government servants belonging to minority community were filled up in Valley, and not a single one created elsewhere.

      Elsewhere, your argument about Muslims not being allowed into KP kitchens is too generic. Tell me one place in India – Bihar, UP, Tamil Nadu, Kerala – where old, traditional, conservative families allow it. So, your arguments is that just because my maternal uncle’s family did not allow a Muslim to enter their kitchen (by the way, there was no such problem) or may be my great grandfather owned a few acres of land tilled by Muslim peasents, my cousin should be dragged out of a bus and shot dead along with other two Hindus present in the bus. My cousin’s name was Ravi, and he was a doctorate in Botany, who refused to leave Kashmir after our exodus took place. When he was dragged out by terrorists who shouted Nizam-e-Mustafa, he put up a brave fight. They tortured him and killed him. I am proud of him, and his courage.

      I don’t know where you come from. From Ganga Dhaba, Comrade, this whole fight for “nationhood” and “separate identity” looks rosy. But ask those who were present in Kashmir on January 19, 1990 and had to listen to these slogans blaring on loudspeakers from mosques all over: Assi gacchi panunuy Pakistan, batav rostuy, batanien saan (We want our Pakistan, without Pandit men, but with their women).

      Leave that. That is called a lived experience. Come to caste. Yes, I believe in caste annihilation. But for that I don’t need to burn my janeu. My janeu is a symbol of my culture, of where I come from. And that is important to me.

      As for my jholawala comment, I say that in jest to hundreds of my friends in JNU. They have never taken offence. And that includes Kavita Krishnan as well.

      I take your leave, and here’s wishing you all best. This is going to be my only response. r

      • whats in a name... it is like a janeu... says:

        Dear sir,

        I agree with you that you that you are using casteist logic and you have definitely not read the history of the land from which you have been apparently ‘exiled’ and of the identity (i wonder if someone was to wear a inverted swastic and claim not to be a nazi then would you equate it to innocent pride in ones beliefs and identity) you seem so proud of…

        those mountains are called hindu kush because everyone past indus at that point was referred to as hindu since pre-islamic era… the slave that died on those trails were both hindu and muslim…

        and as far Muslim rule in Kashmir goes, if you were to pick up any book you would realize that no Muslim could have ruled without the pundits… they were the educated people in the valley and had always been part of state administration… one of the earlier political rifts between hindus and muslims in the valley happened in 1930′s over job reservations… Moreover, they were also the land owners which does not mean that no muslim owned land but these families were handful… if you suspicious of Bazaz then read chitralekha zutshi or mridu rai or ian copland… as far as the numbers of pundits in ‘exile’ i think people have answered you aptly in other replies…

        as a self proclaimed responsible journalist who does not lie i believe it is incumbent that you at least read and research a little before writing things that only propagate commonsense and nonsense…

        and Mr. Pandita just because you know dalit leaders, kavita Krishnan and have dined with the raos does not really mean anything. As a educated rationalist that i take you to be i am sure you would agree that one could engage with many people without giving up on ones biases and beliefs… I would only request you to be more responsible in the future…

        Thank you.

        • Ghulam Rasool says:

          Rahul comes out to be a complete idiot with a siege mentality. At every instance he invokes name of his cousin, One can sympathize with his loss; there was no PhD in botany with that name in kashmir university. There has never been an incident when any pandit was dragged from a bus in kashmir and killed. Pandits prior to 1947 exploited poor muslim population and once they lost their status of an exploiter they never lost a chance to present themselves as victims. One of the typical pandit characteristic is to spread lies and to do that they out do Goebbles.

          • Rahul Pandita says:

            Mr. Ghulam Rasool, by using uncivil language you are only spitting at sky. So kindly check yourself. As for my brother, here is a link about his death:


            If you have any further doubt, please contact Dr. Irshad of the department of Botany at the Kashmir University. He is not a Kashmiri Pandit and hence no Goebbels.

          • Ghulam Rasool says:

            Mr. Pandita I repeat again that you either an idiot or an ignorant and I have now no doubt that you as a journalist lack any credibility. Nobody else but you yourself brought issue of caste, otherwise we thought you were doing excellent work by understanding maoist movement. But then your caste made fool of you. As far as story of your cousin is cousin is concerned, he was not PhD as you repeated lied. He was MSc in botany. He was not killed in valley but he was killed in Gool which is in Jammu province and it is common knowledge it was pakistani intruders operating there not kashmiri militant. So get your facts right before parroting after taking a leaf from Goebbels. As far as pandits are concerned they were exploiters until Sheikh abdullah through legal means stopped that, And I must tell you when that as landlord they were cruel and if you want learn more about your community reat Walter Lawrence,

          • Rahul Pandita says:

            Obviously, you have not learnt any lesson, Mr. Ghulam Rasool. You keep on spitting in the sky, it is landing on your face.

          • Ghulam Rasool says:

            Mr. Pandita, but you have not any refuted any of the facts that I stated. Your cousin was not killed in Kashmir; he was not a PhD but only MSc in Botany. With that kind of credibilty you suggest to me what shoul I call you?

      • Aditya (University of Portsmouth) says:

        Good one Panditaji. Most of the comments above seem to be from those who have never really experienced the caste atrocity or any kind of atrocity. Their thinking is fascist. They don’t want reforms They want a separate Pakistan for Dalits and Muslims as if they are not responsible for the society that they are part of. They seem to be so pessimistic and brainwashed that it is better not to talk to them. Hinduism never says that this book or that book is the best and you should follow it. As far Manu Smriti, most of them, I bet, may not be knowing which period it has been written in. They all are dumbs who have just read a few distorted-fact books which tell them that Rama and Gandhi were perverts and Ravana was good. Brainwashed people never change until they are brainwashed again.
        Another advise: Please direct your thoughts to the people who can understand them and appreciate the logic. Do not put forth your thoughts where people do not have enough intellectual level to understand the thoughts. If you present your thought in-front of such brainwashed people, they will never provide you with constructive idea. They will always reiterate what they have studies in those abusive and fascist books.
        Revere Hinduism in its true form because it gives you every freedom to chose from the shape and size of the God to your mustache and hair, from your ideas about the world to culture. It never abuse others and their religion as other religions do.
        Get the real essence and enjoy the freedom it gives to you and if you find if people are tied to such SMRITIS and its rules, protest and get them freedom form such horrible smritis.

        Love you country and culture.

  23. Jaymin Panchal says:

    The article to me gives a message that human emotions are not dependant to the caste/religion/region. A person can feel the suffering or happiness even with the gesture and he/she need not be of having eligibility criteria of being brahmin or shudra’s or what ever. And Hence I really liked the blog. Mr. Pandita, it was really a nice read.

    However, coming to comments, which i am reading here, I feel it is been hijacked from the core essence of the blog. Which ever ways the discussion in the comment is for more significant and important. The 1st and foremost thing, I as Indian would say – Those who have not suffered, here Kashmiri Pandits needs respect and not advice. Needs empathetic solution and not insensitive compromise. For heavens sake when will it be understood Kashmiri Pandit of KP is not some liveless object that it is been used and abused at whim and fancies in discussion, especially by those who call themself to be liberal or think tank or who pretend to work for progress.

    I am not going to lie by saying I know what my fellow friends have faced, for I just cant know, one I was not in this world then to feel the emotion running and neither I experienced, But But But ..In the course of discussion (one to one with pandits) and few blogs and also the books, I can remotely relate.

    It is easy for few people to rubbish the claim of pandits by showing one or two example of average localite who were not indulged in terrifying act or helped/intended to help pandits. But they forget here talk is of entire community and the attitude AND not petty 1-2 examples.

    PEACE and RESPECT can never be bought by compromise but it has to be earned by sacrifice. The murderers of Kashmiri Pandit be brought to book, more good the current localite whack the backs of this terrorist as welcoming step for the pandits. Simply shouting Pandits are exaggerating or Pandit should return will not work, A request to pseudo liberals, it is not necessary to speak .. Better keep quiet when you attempt to advice a VICTIM (here- Kashmiri Pandits who are INDIANS)

  24. Paracha says:

    No, not communal…just a Brahmin casteist :) who is hell bent on remaining a Brahmin himself while re-defining the Dalits and the Adivasis as ‘Poor and Marginalized’. Don’t tell me u don’t see contradictions there :)

  25. Shashwat Revoo says:

    Nice Article..
    As Always.

  26. K M Vengopalan says:

    With all my appreciation for the forthrightness of the author , I wish the elements that make one’s identity as a Kashmiri Brahman did not outweigh pursing the objective reality that caste indeed, is in this country.
    Questions of identity are desirably best not suppressed rather than expressed & put in perspective. Otherwise, how comes it that Rahul, fails to understand the nuanced meanings (linked with supremacy over all humans of other castes and & women of his own caste) of the sacred thread he wears, though his right to wear it is not disputable by any standard?
    But, how can one reduce it just to a question of private choices and beliefs?

  27. Maharaj KrISHAN Santoshi says:

    dear Rahul

    You have honestly written your write up.
    When most of people hide their self contradictios you have revealed them so effortlessly that one cannot remain without praising you.
    I was hurt only by the reference of Tulsi Das.The line you have quoted has always been quoted to denounce him as a renegrade that he wasnot.His epic Ramcharitmanas has set high standards for Indian society .The characters like Nishad,Shabri,Sugriv,Jamwant and manymore prove the true credentials of the great poet

  28. Namrata says:

    Very well written,Rahul.I can so very much relate to what you wrote.

    “I don’t remember ever being conscious of my caste. My parents were no socialist reformers, but I never heard them speak of caste or us being different or special from others. They were not overtly religious, but they were believers. My father knew his scriptures, and I learnt the Hanuman Chalisa from my grandfather at the age of eight. Like my ancestors, I wear the Janeu – the sacred thread that Brahmins are supposed to wear. And I don’t eat meat on Tuesdays. That was the one thing I had promised my grandfather” – I feel that’s how an average KP feels and would have to say.What goes in our favour is that we have always valued education and have been progressive in thoughts.

  29. Abhishek dwivedi says:

    Dear Rahul

    Your article is as good as your co-authored book “The absent State”. Brilliant points and straight questions to the self proclaimed so called care takers of dalits and Human rights.
    It has become if you need to wear khadi, hawai chappal and round thick spects to speak for the backwards. This diseased mentality needs to be changed. And it will.

  30. hairumbh says:


  31. manoj sheeri says:

    are you the same rahul pandita who used to study at ‘BVB Jammu.

    manoj sheeri

  32. Tajamul says:

    I agree with Ghulam Rasool…Aditya Raj Kaul was in his mothers womb…9months when pandits left kashmir…and moron seems to know the entire story from inside as if he had a sonar activated there…..

    In 90′s they thought that Jagmohan had objective to wipe off muslims and Pandits would rule the state back like did in Hari singh’s time when they never revolted except for bhushan lal bazaz…they always betrayed their motherland and did anti-actions…may it be in afghan rule, sikh rule, dogra rule or any other….we opposed every rule…and they were with every ruler…even with afghans whom aditya THE MORON abuses right now…his ancestors used to lick those raider afghans……..

    ….for some grass.that was awesome…

  33. Aaditya says:

    In 2002, Gopal Guru argued that that the moral right to theorise about issues should only lie with those who experience them (http://goo.gl/vxi7b). Given the recent public debates (William Dalrymple vs. Hartosh Singh Bal, Patrick French vs. Pankaj Mishra), not only is Rahul Pandita’s honest article appropiately timed, but it also makes a strong case against the ‘lived experience’ debate.


    Nice piece. Straight from the heart. And for the first time, i like what Aditya Raj Kaul liked. No offence meant, but i wish everything was as honest as this and yet not hurt someone else’s sentiment and practise. It would be nice to read more of you, Rahul Pandita. I am not a Brahmin, but i understand what you mean.

  35. Ghulam Rasool says:

    Bhattas are bantering

  36. rema says:

    the plight of Kashmiri Pandits languishing in inhuman refugee camps in Jammu.still no one is bothered what is happining in our own country.. god bless all that is one way to live..

  37. Punit says:

    Very well written..and this after going through you wonderful book Hello Bastar. Rare to find a good story teller in political journalism.

  38. Aditya Raj Kaul says:

    We suffer this each day! My appreciation for slain left leader Chandreshekhar is seen with raised eyebrows. I’m an outcast, since I openly challenge the leftist jhola brigade. I oppose the narrow minded publicity hungry Arundhati Roy for her hypocricy. Does the above make me a rightist? I also oppose caste based reservations like many other scholars of JNU. I am in favour of affirmative action on economic grounds. Perhaps, the eyes of the elite left wingers in New Delhi will remain partially blind.

    They seal their lips when Islamist terrorists gun down innocents in the Kashmir valley or when the separatists use youth as shield during stone throwing exercise. They may not even know about the plight of 50,000 Kashmiri Pandits languishing in inhuman refugee camps in Jammu. The leftist love killers such as Yasin Malik and bigots like Syed Ali Shah Geelani. What more is left to be said?

  39. Ghulam Rasool says:

    This whole piece is crap and full of factual errors. Pandits were not forced out of Kashmir by Islamic militants but rather due to short-sightedness of Pandit comminity and encouragement by Jagmohan. Kashimiri Pandits are not same Brahamins as those from other parts of India. Don’t let the fact that you never went to JNU rankle rest of your life; you still can stroll on the campus on a free day and smoke some grass to qualify into fraternity.

    • Akshay Ambardar says:

      I find your writing rather amusing , wonder you. Pandits left kashmir due to their shortsightedness and when muslims of kashmir picked guns to get “azadi” you didnt in your “far sightedness” take into account deaths and killings that are happening in kashmir, more so to people of your own faith? if you did i wonder why you cry when , innocents are killed, when children die and when women miss their sons because its all in the name of your so called Azadi? isnt it ?? 1500 pandits were killed from 1989 – 1991 durin ethic cleansing in kashmir , wonder i do , when i see you people regretless and shameless

      • Mani says:

        You better need a few english Classes I guess. Ethnic cleansing of 1500 pandits..holy cow…

        A total of 219 pandits were killed according to govt sources. Recent survey by the head of Pandit Sangarsh Samiti puts them at around 600. Let me remind you 2000 muslims were also killed on the same suspicions as Pandits during that period.

        On the other hand Indian troopers killed more than 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims, raped more than 9,000 women and forcibly disappeared thousands. 250,000 Muslims were killed by the dogra forces, Indian army and RSS goons in 1947 in a bid to alter the demography of J&K state. That accounts for genocide and ethnic cleansing, not the killing or 219 or 600 pandits. And you are not ashamed of your self for being a remorseless bigot.

        [read-- -- Ian Stephens, Horned Moon London: Chatto and Windus 1953]


        [P N Bazaz, Te Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir, Kashmir Publishing Company, New Delhi]

        Pandits constituted elite group of Kashmiri population with highest literacy and land holdings. Prior to 1947 in the words of Jose Korbel
        they had becomethe willing instruments of the policy of unlimited cruelty perpetrated by Hari Singh and his predecessors. [Dangers in Kashmir Vinod Publishers Jammu(1992) P.13]

        By 1953 almost one-sixth of theirpopulation (8000) had migrated to India. (Premnath Bazaz, “Struggle for Freedomin Kashmir”
        , Kashmir Publishing Co., New Delhi, 1954, P.546).

        The migration towards greener pastures continued unabated upto 1990.
        Eruption of militancy in 1990 provided urban Pandits a pretext to migrate en mass. Very few among non-Pandit groups however migrated. A segment of Kashmiri Pandits too remained in the valley and shared ordeals of the conflict along with their Muslim neighbors. By any stretch of imaginationthe migrant population of Pandit’s could not extend one lakh. It is unfortunate that some organizations pretending to represent migrants inflate the population figures to three hundred thousand.

        • Akshay Ambardar says:

          what you say and what you think shows what is left in kashmir.”kashmiriyat” died the day 1st kashmiri pandit was killed. The world knows why exodus happened and facts speak for themselves ,what you write here wont make a difference to what acctually happened in kashmir with pandits.

      • Ghulam Rasool says:

        Government figures say 269 pandits were killed and that deviant organization ‘panun kashir’ claims 366. Where did your 1500 come? Pandits have a knack of exaggeration and you can’t be an exception.

        • Vivek Koul says:


          Its very unfortunate that people like you blame Jagmohan for pandits exodus.Its a blunt refusal of reality ,you seem to be more shortsighted than anybody else here.This is just like saying there was a satyagrah going in kashmir in late eighties.

        • Prakash says:

          Saale naam hee teraa gulaam hai so one can well understand the mentality of you namaharams.

          • Prakash says:

            What goes around comes around. Those who made pundits suffer are themselves suffering now, your so called 90000 kashiri muslim died because they did the same thing with pundits, look at countries porkistan, afghanistan,iraq completely destroyed.. In case of death of kashmiri pundits, you are trying to justify gov. figures(269) but when it comes to gujarat you don’t rely on same govt. figure (total 1268 including 400 hindus).

  40. juhi kaul says:

    acha likha hai, mamuuuuu:)

    • saransh says:

      there is something called social location of each individual that defines his or her life experiences. for example in the DTC buses of delhi a hindu will not feel uncomfortable but a muslim will because of the ‘Ram Ram’ written in red. The dalit will also because he is made to worship by the likes of RSS which translates the hierarchy between ram worshiping City Brahmans and Hanuman worshiping Dalits and tribals in real terms. i.e. dalits and adivasis as foot soldiers of Brahmins as shown during the gujarat genocide in 2002.

      moreover, are you really asking why a dalit is repulsed by Janeu? seriously? janeu is symbolic of the purity/supremacy of the brahman over the dalits. the purity due to which they hold rights of a master over others as their slave, as animals…so when the dalit sees the same janeu as representative of oppression and its wearer as oppressor, it is hardly surprising! and it is common sense: oppressor does not really love or experience or feel the oppressed!

      • Rosemary Marandi says:

        Disgusting how many of you have interpreted that article.. Thats what i said: to live up to one’s belief without hurting another’s is something that not everyone can imbibe… Given a chance, u guys wont even hesitate to rape each other’s mothers.

        I have friends among both Kashmiri Muslims as well as Pandits, and I can only say they do not hate each other so much, as much as they would want to live in harmony once again… Just last week, i was walking through the lanes of Badgam (Kashmir) and saw acres of Pandit land fenced and still not claimed by the Muslim neighbours. Aditya Raj Kaul, if you are so much worried abt the refugee camps in Jammu, do something for them on your own instead out digging up old graves… Let me tell u this: Most Pandits who have left the Valley, are doing too well for themselves, while their Muslim counterparts still face suspicious looks wherever they go. And dont give me the logic that they deserve it.

        And Tajamul ji, learn the art of putting your point forward without pointing fingers at others…Who betrayed who and when is a frivolous question…Coz questions will only give rise to nastier answers. Dont create another hell.

        • Aditya Raj Kaul says:


          Thanks for your honesty. I’m surprised as you accuse me of ‘digging up old graves’. Do we forget our land Kashmir? Do I forget my forefathers? Should I join that bigot group Hurriyat and break J&K on religious grounds?

          Yes I want communal harmony, peace. I believe in secular ethos. Though not at the cost of those people who have been killed by Islamist terrorists and separatists. Not a single terrorist has till date been sentenced for kiling Kashmiri Pandits. Cases are pending for last 22 years.

          You say Kashmiri Pandits left the valley. It is easy to type that on keyboard in an AC Room rather than suffering it on ground. We were forced to leave under gun point and there were slogans at the dead of the night from the loud speakers of Mosques in Kashmir asking Pandits to leave. One such slogan was ‘Pandit men should leave, and leave behind Pandit women’. Another slogan said ‘Yahan kya chalega Nizam-e-mustafa’. I for sure do not want to enjoy forced peace where people who killed us and are responsible for our exodus roam free on the streets of Lalchowk. Can you dare to speak again them? Demand Justice or will it remain to this virtual world?

          We may have settled well. That does not forgive separatists and Islamist goons of the ethnic cleansing they committed two decades ago. That does not deny us the right to reclaim our roots in Kashmir.

          I’ve done what I could for my community. I continue to do whatever little I can in my capacity. I do not feel the need to release that in media or for that matter on PTI corporate wire feed.

          Peace cannot come overnight. Pandits are not goats which have to be transported from one place to another to prove a point. We will return when we feel the situation has changed, when our temples won’t be set abalze anymore, when our killers such as Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate are sentenced by Court. Till that day we remain in forced exile!

          Next you will call me a Communal? In waiting..

          • Vinay Sharma says:

            Thousands of Muslims have died over the years. More schoolboys have taken bullets in the middle of their heads than the number of pandits who had to suffer injuries. And you are still looking for some people to be arrested and hanged so u find some sort of closure. Why don’t u instead find some solace in the father being made to frog-jump in front of his son and be done with your agony. There are thousands of Pandits who never left Kashmir and still live in hormany with their neighbors and then there are pandits who have forgiven and moved ahead . Some of these pandits speaking vociforously about the plight of the Muslims in Kashmir and look at you. After 100 times more muslims have lost their lives than the pandits all you are waiting for is some death sentences so you can feel a sense of justice???

            And what are you? A journalist??? God save the world!!!

        • Ghulam Rasool says:

          Rosemary, don’t go by the what these Pandits say. One of their prominent characteristics is present themselves as the victims, no matter what. In Kashmir they were less than ten percent ofthe entire population but they would manage to grab more than 90 percent of central government jobs including national banks. They have history of cunningness and deceptiveness is in their blood. Since their migration from Kashmir they have been crawling all over all and getting plum jobs and admissions into premier institutes and still claim to be victims.

          • Jaymin Panchal says:

            I would just ask simple 1 thing – Were Pandits been dragged out Yes or NO? I will not go by numbers as of now, for both of you have different set of numbers (however, I have inclination that no.s of Aditya r more valid)? but Even for 1 second numbers u gave are to be hold true – what are the recovery steps taken – no arrest of terrorist? No one can justify attacks on muslim … PERIOD .. also no can can enforce conditions on Pandits

          • Rosemary Marandi says:

            Rasool Ji, they are the victims. Lets Face it…but my fight here is to make a simple point: IDENTIFY WHO UR REAL OPRESSORS ARE!!! it is as simple as that..

            If we cannot be constructive, lets now be destructive. I dont know what is there in who’d blood, just that if transfusion is required, better do it before its too late.

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