During the research for his book India: A Portrait, Patrick French (@PatrickFrench2 on Twitter) found there was no news site which consolidated top stories relating to India from across the many exceptional websites and journals that he was using. He started sharing the most interesting stories with friends on a closed site, who quickly suggested that he spread this information more widely.

The India Site was launched in January 2011. Since it went online, we have had several million hits.

It is designed in Bangalore and updated from around the world. The featured links are hand-picked daily by Patrick and other readers in South Asia and beyond. Some of the stories relate to modern India and the themes in India: A Portrait, but most are just interesting, important, entertaining or remarkable in their own right.

The India Site is not aligned to any political party or ideological movement. To contact us please email the administrator: contact@theindiasite.com, and to view our Terms of Use click here.

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