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The 1962 India-China war, and the tactics of the two governments: “The Chinese would always dress smartly, and they would never ask the locals to work as porters, something that the Indian Army of that time regarded as a natural privilege. Although most of the Chinese soldiers were very young, not a single case was recounted of misbehaviour with Monpa women. Anything taken from the locals was scrupulously paid for. But while generating respect, the PLA failed to generate trust”

Read: http://ajaishukla.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/1962-how-china-lost-battle-for-hearts.html

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The Anniversary: “All I want to do is change the name of the avenue in central New Delhi named after Krishna Menon, the man primarily responsible for not just the humiliation of 1962 but also the loss of so many lives. A political system that still names avenues after an obstinate, autocratic disaster like him … needs to introspect and correct its view of history. Or somebody pick up that sand-blaster and spray paint and rename it after Major Shaitan Singh or 13 Kumaon”

Read http://www.indianexpress.com/news/national-interest-1962-a-different-story/1019401/0

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How China backs Pakistan, its ‘all-weather friend’

‘In 1996, when Pakistan was near bankruptcy and contemplating default, I went to Beijing as the country’s finance minister to ask for help… after telling me that China would not allow Pakistan to go bankrupt under my watch, Zhu ordered $500 million to be placed immediately in Pakistan’s account.’ (Project Syndicate) Continue reading

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Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers on KASHMIR’s Line of Control

Read more: http://www.hindustantimes.com/General-alert-Chinese-troops-on-Indo-Pak-LoC/H1-Article1-681633.aspx

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China’s unfolding role in northern Pakistan, the gateway to the Arabian Sea

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Peace through war, says China

‘We must send a clear signal [that] we are prepared at any time to go to war to safeguard our national interests,’ says the official publication of the ruling Communist Party of China. ‘What is especially unbearable is how the US blatantly encourages China’s neighbouring countries to go against China.’ (Indian Express) Continue reading

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Karmapa-linked trust’s bank accounts frozen

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The Karmapa Lama is not a Chinese spy, says Beijing

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How China has been ‘secretly supporting, advising and arming major insurgent outfits in India’s troubled Northeast and the Maoist belt’

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GENERATION GAP: India’s 3rd generation Tejas jet is decades behind China’s new futuristic J-20 stealth fighter

‘India has the most to lose with this new Chinese capability, especially as the J-20 could be based in Tibet and Xinjiang, and it will be able to support significant Chinese ground-troop operations all along India’s Himalayan borders—and those of Sikkim, Bhutan and Kashmir (not to mention Nepal).’ (OPEN) Continue reading

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