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Giving the finger: Huge turnout for polls in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

‘The voting percentage could break the all-time high of 76.57 recorded in 1967. In the Union Territory of Puducherry, over 85 per cent cast their vote. Asked about the high turnout, the CEO said the Election Commission’s efforts, political mobilisation and the role of voters contributed to it.’ (Hindu)
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H D Kumaraswamy: It’s impossible to practice politics in India without corruption | ‘If Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, he would have either fallen prey to corruption or would have shunned politics itself.’ (Mid Day)

Read more: http://www.mid-day.com/news/2011/apr/110411-News-Bangalore-JD-H-D-Kumaraswamy-Yeddyurappa-politics-corruption.htm

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Is the ‘Anna Hazare show’ ordained by the media? Manu Joseph in OPEN

‘Hazare, who is on a raised platform, has acquired many of the mannerisms of Mohandas Gandhi, including a thoughtful tilt of his head … With Agnivesh dressed like Swami Vivekananda and Hazare pantomiming Gandhi, the scene resembles a college skit. Is this revolution? Hazare, as a relic of Gandhi’s way of life, is in a unique position to capture the mood of the nation. But what kind of man is he, really? … About 10 years ago, when he went on a fast to protest against corruption in the Maharashtra government … he wanted to end his fast because journalists from the English media were finding it hard to reach his village.’ Continue reading

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Sadiq Batcha – the right-hand man of disgraced minister A Raja – kills himself

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Mamata Banerjee scouting for politics-free talent for Trinamul Congress

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Congress does a last-minute deal with coalition partner DMK

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Age no bar: Kerala’s elderly politicians are contesting one more time

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More family politics: Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee’s son Abhijit to contest West Bengal election

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No ‘frivolous and defamatory’ reporting of Jayalalithaa from now on, please

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An end to politics as usual | The Indian Lovers Party

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