If being a fan of cricket and the immense knowledge about the game has brought you online to search for sports betting tips, then you are at the right place. Making money betting on cricket can be your key to success. But, it can also turn into a complete disaster if you do not possess the right knowledge for sports betting. Only a few end up becoming “sharps” in the cricket betting while others face an unfortunate turn in their betting career that makes them stop. These four tips will help you start as a beginner in cricket betting. Always remember to have a clear mind while betting and follow these tips to build your strategies.

Studying rank charts and statistics

Cricket statistics and ranking charts are the most important pieces of information that you must learn to study for successful betting. The ranking charts provide a clear picture of the favourites and underdogs in a tournament along with their points. The player/team statistics tell you about the performance of players or entire teams which will give you options to place your wagers. While you learn how to read charts and statistics from a professional sports bettor, make sure that these are not the only two factors that you can rely on.


Learning weather conditions

Weather condition can play a crucial role in the game of cricket. The pitch, ball, and performance of players get affected by different weather conditions. That is why the pro bettors give importance to the weather forecast before placing their bets. The overcast conditions generally favour the bowling team, and the sunny weather gives the advantage to the batting side. Rain can either result in a draw or termination of the match. Make sure to check the weather conditions of the stadium the game will be played before you place your wagers.

Arbitrage betting

The safest way to place your bet in a game is to work with different bookmakers and bet on every outcome of the game. Even though you might not make the best of profits, it will assure you that you are not in loss. Learn how to place arbitrage bets with different bookmakers who offer different odds. You can use these odds to find a balance to secure an easy win irrespective of the match outcome.

Arbitrage betting

Money management

Before you start your career in sports betting, make sure that you set some ground rules for yourself. Gambling can turn into a nightmare if you forget to manage your money properly. First, you should make sure that you are betting with the money that you can afford to lose. Most pro bettors use only 2-5% of their entire bankroll for betting. Keep a separate account for sports betting to you do not mix up your entertainment allowance with financial requirements. It will also remind you that your betting money has reached its limit alerting you to stop betting for some time until you refill the account.


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