Sportsbetting is becoming more popular than any other form of gambling due to the easy availability of sportsbooks to sports enthusiasts. More people are joining the online sports betting platforms compared to online casino platforms. There are different levels and types of sports bettors that you can find on online or live sport betting events. While some people get lucky just based on their luck, others are highly-skilled pros who are here just to make money. Here are six different types of sports bettors.

The sharps

Sharps are the full-time professional bettors who have to bet as their primary source of income. They are also popular among the betting community and well respected. Their moves can cause the lines to move due to other bettors following the decisions of these pros. The bookmakers who take wagers from sharps are called sharp books. Sharp books need to draw enough liquidity to absorb sharp money and still make profits.


The next in the line of sports bettors are the semi-pros who have not advanced to the level of sharps but can still drive a lot of profit. They are the first ones to rebel the sharps if they feel that they have better picks than sharps. The semi-pros have other jobs for their primary income. They are just intelligent enough to earn extra profits with their knowledge about sports.

Arbitrage bettors

Arbitrage bettors play safe with the bets by betting on all outcomes of a game with different bookmakers. Their strategy to bet on all outcomes depends on the different odds provided by multiple bookmakers. They plan their bets in such a way that they will receive a guaranteed profit although they do not earn much.

Arbitrage bettors

Steam chasers

Steam chasers are the ones who follow who the sharps or semi-pro bettors do. They bet on steam moves that is the wager of a group of professional bettors on a given outcome at the same time. Due to the steam chasers, the sportsbooks move their odds quickly to minimize their exposure to other sharps. Steam chasers make profits by following the sharps and placing their bets before the odds are decreased.

Recreational bettors

Of course, in sports betting, you will find recreational bettors who are just here to support their favourite teams. Recreational bettors are maximum in number in the sports betting community. While they may lack the skills to make well-calculated decisions, it is their passion and love for sports that drives them to enjoy wagering.

Recreational bettors

Compulsive bettors

While sports betting is unique entertainment that sports fans enjoy, some people lose control over their hobby and lead to an unhealthy betting habit. These bettors find it hard to stop themselves from betting. They are either chasing their losses or are trapped in debts and bankruptcy that they cannot see any other option to get quick money. The first mistake these bettors commit is betting with the money they cannot afford to lose. The sports betting operators must keep their audience informed of the consequences of compulsive gambling to avoid creating more gambling addicts.


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