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IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL 2021

IPL 2021 has been scheduled tentatively between 28 March 2021 and 23 May 2021. IPL season 14 opening match likely to be played on 28 March 2021 between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capital. IPL 2021 Final could be played on 23 May 2021.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly has confidently asserted that the 2021 tournament will take place in the first half of 2021 in its usual April-May slot in the calendar. It has been reported that Ganguly is optimistic that the IPL will return to Indian soil in 2021, but the BCCI has yet to categorically confirm that to be the case. Earlier this month Ganguly told India Today that India’s scheduled home series against England will take place in India, as will the 2020/21 Ranji Trophy.

IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL Governing Council (IGC) planning to add 2 more IPL teams, you may see 10 teams playing in IPL 2021. There is a total of 60 matches that will be played in IPL 2021. In case 2 more new teams added numbers of league match will increase. Also, the Overseas player’s quota rule could be changed to increase from 4 to 5 in IPL 2021.

IPL 2021

IPL 2021 Auction

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IPL 2020 started late 19 September and completed on10 November 2020. BCCI can’t delay IPL 2021 much as T20 World cup 2021 is also hosted by India in October 2021. There is not enough time to organize the IPL 2021 mega Auction before IPL 2021.

This could be good news for CSK and another team that is looking for a replacement of their players before IPL 2021. BCCI is planning to organize a mega or mini-auction by this year-end. Let’s watch this space for more updates on IPL 2021 Auction.

Recent reports in India have hinted at the possibility of a ninth IPL side being introduced at the 2021 tournament. It has been suggested that the new franchise could be based at Ahmedabad’s new 110,000 seater stadium – the world’s second-largest sporting arena.

You can find a full PDF of the tentative schedule for IPL 2021 below. We will update you as soon as we have more news on news regarding next years season.


The History Of IPL

IPL logo

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has a short but proud history. Asiabet.org has put together this great infographic with all the highlights from the IPL history.  Infographic IPL HistoryIf you are looking for a safe, legal, and reliable sportsbook to place your bets on any cricket game, head on over to asiabet.org and you will find the very best sportsbooks for Indian bettors who wish to place bets on their favorite teams.

The History Of Cricket In England

Early cricket

The History of the England Cricket Team can be said to date back to at least 1739 when sides styled “Kent” and “All England” played a match at Bromley Common. Over 300 matches involving “England” or “All England” prior to 1877 are known.
However, these teams were usually put together on an ad hoc basis and were rarely fully representative.

The history of the current England side can be traced to 1877 when England played in what was subsequently recognized as the very first Test match. The scorecard from this game is still available, which we think is a fascinating fact. The invention of the internet has made sure it can be accessible for all cricket fans, and for future generations as well.

The Very First Cricketers

Early cricket

But the history of cricket on the English isles is much older than that. In fact, it goes as far back as the 14th century! The historical records and the accuracy of these are rather blurry and we can not know for certain that all is true. But there are records of a childish game played by 14th Century children and/or shepherds. This information has been ascertained largely by the fact that there are few records about the sport, so it must not have been a sport of the adults, even those of the working class.

What is known is that it was played before 1550 of our Common Era (CE) and that its roots can be traced to South East England. In those days, right up until 1760, the ball was delivered along the ground, meaning that it could only be played in short grass.

So, the players would be restricted to areas in which sheep were grazing (hence the reference to its being a popular game amongst shepherds) or in certain clearings in the forest or bush. The ball was made of rags or wool that had been bound closely together to form a rounded shape. The bat was likely a shepherd’s staff or a stick of sorts.

Early cricket

When working men began to play the game during the 1600s was when cricket emerged as a more viable, recognized sport. The spectators were attracted by the fact that they could bet on winners at first, but soon became wrapped up in the game itself. As the English people spread abroad, occupying areas like America, India, and southern Africa, they took this game along with them.


The term “All-England” was first used in reports of two Kent v All-England matches in July 1739. The game was initially known as Creckett. The term Creckett was borrowed from Dutch, and it means a stick. The modern-day bat used in cricket, was, therefore, the source of the name of the game.

Early cricket
1899 All England Team

The very first recorded match was at Bromley Common in Kent on Monday 9 July 1739. It was billed as between “eleven gentlemen of that county (i.e., Kent) and eleven gentlemen from any part of England, exclusive of Kent”. Kent, described as “the Unconquerable County” won by “a very few notches”.

The second match was at the Artillery Ground in Bunhill Fields, Finsbury on Monday 23 July 1739. This game was drawn and a report includes the phrase “eleven picked out of all England”.

In subsequent decades there were many more such matches between a side representing a county, or the MCC, and a side drawn from the rest of England and described as “England” or “All England”. As the next section describes, in 1846 the term “All England Eleven” would acquire a new, more precise, definition.

Important Dates In Cricket History Until 1980

1550 (approx) Evidence of cricket being played in Guildford, Surrey.
1598 Cricket mentioned in Florio’s Italian-English dictionary.
1610 Reference to “cricketing” between Weald and Upland near Chevening, Kent.
1611 Randle Cotgrave’s French-English dictionary translates the French word “crosse” as a cricket staff.
– Two youths fined for playing cricket at Sidlesham, Sussex.
1624 Jasper Vinall becomes first man known to be killed playing cricket: hit by a bat while trying to catch the ball – at Horsted Green, Sussex.
1676 First reference to cricket being played abroad, by British residents in Aleppo, Syria.
1694 Two shillings and sixpence paid for a “wagger” (wager) about a cricket match at Lewes.
1697 First reference to “a great match” with 11 players a side for fifty guineas, in Sussex.
1700 Cricket match announced on Clapham Common.
1709 First recorded inter-county match: Kent v Surrey.
1710 First reference to cricket at Cambridge University.
1727 Articles of Agreement written governing the conduct of matches between the teams of the Duke of Richmond and Mr. Brodrick of Peperharow, Surrey.
1729 Date of the earliest surviving bat, belonging to John Chitty, now in the pavilion at The Oval.
1730 First recorded match at the Artillery Ground, off City Road, central London, still the cricketing home of the Honourable Artillery Company.
1744 Kent beat All England by one wicket at the Artillery Ground.
– First known version of the Laws of Cricket, issued by the London Club, formalizing the pitch as 22 yards long.
1767 (approx) Foundation of the Hambledon Club in Hampshire, the leading club in England for the next 30 years.
1769 First recorded century, by John Minshull for Duke of Dorset’s XI v Wrotham.
1771 Width of bat limited to 4 1/4 inches, where it has remained ever since.
1774 LBW law devised.
1776 Earliest known scorecards, at the Vine Club, Sevenoaks, Kent.
1780 The first six-seamed cricket ball, manufactured by Dukes of Penshurst, Kent.
1787 First match at Thomas Lord’s first ground, Dorset Square, Marylebone – White Conduit Club v Middlesex.
– Formation of Marylebone Cricket Club by members of the White Conduit Club.
1788 First revision of the Laws of Cricket by MCC.
1794 First recorded inter-schools match: Charterhouse v Westminster.
1795 First recorded case of a dismissal “leg before wicket”.

Early cricket
1806 First Gentlemen v Players match at Lord’s.
1807 First mention of “straight-armed” (i.e. round-arm) bowling: by John Willes of Kent.
1809 Thomas Lord’s second ground opened at North Bank, St John’s Wood.
1811 First recorded women’s county match: Surrey v Hampshire at Ball’s Pond, London.
1814 Lord’s third ground opened on its present site, also in St John’s Wood.
1827 First Oxford v Cambridge match, at Lord’s. A draw.
1828 MCC authorizes the bowler to raise his hand level with the elbow.
1833 John Nyren publishes his classic Young Cricketer’s Tutor and The Cricketers of My Time.
1836 First North v South match, for many years, regarded as the principal fixture of the season.
1836 (approx) Batting pads invented.
1841 General Lord Hill, commander-in-chief of the British Army, orders that a cricket ground be made an adjunct of every military barracks.
1844 First official international match: Canada v United States.
1845 First match played at The Oval.
1846 The All-England XI, organized by William Clarke, begins playing matches, often against odds, throughout the country.
1849 First Yorkshire v Lancashire match.
1850 Wicket-keeping gloves first used.
– John Wisden bowls all ten batsmen in an innings for North v South.
1853 First mention of a champion county: Nottinghamshire.
1858 First recorded instance of a hat being awarded to a bowler taking three wickets with consecutive balls.
1859 First touring team to leave England, captained by George Parr, draws enthusiastic crowds in the US and Canada.
1864 Overhand bowling authorized by MCC.
– John Wisden’s The Cricketer’s Almanack first published.
1868 Team of Australian aborigines tour England.
1873 WG Grace becomes the first player to record 1,000 runs and 100 wickets in a season.
– First regulations restricting county qualifications, often regarded as the official start of the County Championship.
1877 First Test match: Australia beat England by 45 runs in Melbourne.
1880 First Test in England: a five-wicket win against Australia at The Oval.
1882 Following England’s first defeat by Australia in England, an “obituary notice” to English cricket in the Sporting Times leads to the tradition of The Ashes.
1889 South Africa’s first Test match.
1890 County Championship officially constituted.
– Present Lord’s pavilion opened.
1895 WG Grace scores 1,000 runs in May and reaches his 100th hundred.
1899 AEJ Collins scores 628 not out in a junior house match at Clifton College, the highest individual score in any match.
– Selectors choose the England team for home Tests, instead of the host club issuing invitations.

Early cricket
1900 Six-ball over becomes the norm, instead of five.
1909 Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC – now the International Cricket Council) set up, with England, Australia, and South Africa the original members.
1910 Six runs given for any hit over the boundary, instead of only for a hit out of the ground.
1912 First and only triangular Test series played in England, involving England, Australia, and South Africa.
1915 WG Grace dies aged 67.
1926 Victoria score 1,107 v New South Wales at Melbourne, the record total for a first-class innings.
1928 West Indies’ first Test match.
AP “Tich” Freeman of Kent and England becomes the only player to take more than 300 first-class wickets in a season: 304.
1930 New Zealand’s first Test match.
Donald Bradman’s first tour of England: he scores 974 runs in the five Ashes Tests, still a record for any Test series.
1931 Stumps made higher (28 inches not 27) and wider (nine inches not eight – this was optional until 1947).
1932 India’s first Test match.
Hedley Verity of Yorkshire takes ten wickets for ten runs v Nottinghamshire, the best innings analysis in first-class cricket.
1932-33 The Bodyline tour of Australia in which England bowl at batsmen’s bodies with a packed leg-side field to neutralize Bradman’s scoring.
1934 First women’s Test: Australia v England at Brisbane.
1935 MCC condemn and outlaw Bodyline.
1947 Denis Compton of Middlesex and England scores a record 3,816 runs in an English season.
1948 First five-day Tests in England.
1952 Pakistan’s first Test match.
1953 England regain the Ashes after a 19-year gap, the longest ever.
1956 Jim Laker of England takes 19 wickets for 90 v Australia at Manchester, the best match analysis in first-class cricket.
1957 Declarations authorized at any time.
1960 First tied Test, Australia v West Indies at Brisbane.
1963 Distinction between amateur and professional cricketers abolished in English cricket.
– The first major one-day tournament begins in England: the Gillette Cup.
1969 Limited-over Sunday league inaugurated for first-class counties.
1970 Proposed South African tour of England canceled: South Africa excluded from international cricket because of their government’s apartheid policies.
1971 First one-day international: Australia v England at Melbourne.
1975 First World Cup: West Indies beat Australia in the final at Lord’s.
1976 First women’s match at Lord’s, England v Australia.
1977 Centenary Test at Melbourne, with an identical result to the first match: Australia beat England by 45 runs.
– Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer signs 51 of the world’s leading players in defiance of the cricketing authorities.
1978 Graham Yallop of Australia wears a protective helmet to bat in a Test match, the first player to do so.
1979 Packer and official cricket agree to a peace deal.
1980 Eight-ball over abolished in Australia, making the six-ball over universal.

Early cricket

Cricket Betting Apps for 2020

Cricket Betting

Betting on the flying ball and the sprinting players on the field has been a practice that has become popular over the years. Punters from all across the globe have been feeding off these bets, and the trend has changed with the passing decades. The current generation has been enjoying the convenience of betting on the websites without having to drive to the bookies or centers to wager on the running horses or the teams on the ground. Cricket is one among those sports that have been offering the bettors with several options in the last few decades.

Since the sport’s advent, betting on the teams has been prevalent. It has now developed into an even bigger activity, which has grown into an undying fad. As more cricket heroes and leagues are being explored every year, the scope for the sport to grow is also broadening; so is the area for the punters to thrive. In this new age of cricket betting, people have become accustomed to using their devices to place their bets. Apps have also been created for this purpose. Here are a few cricket betting apps that you can use in 2020.

Cricket Betting Apps

1.      10cric

The bonuses offered on this app is the most attractive feature, which has been bringing more gamblers to the front. Every league has a different set of betting options, making it more convenient for the bettors to use. Ball-by-ball live cricketing action can be tracked on the app, and it is available in several countries as well. Over 20 payment options are available in the app, and they also have around 60,000 netting events every week.

2.      Betway Sports

IMPS transfer is allowed on this app; you can also opt for the other payment methods provided. By using certain hashtag hacks, you can pick your own cricket bets. The app also offers a huge welcome bonus, which not many other sites are providing. You have the in-play betting option also, making the whole experience more enhanced. The live coverage of a number of sports can also be accessed by using betway sports.

Betway Sports

3.      1xBet

It is one of the only sites that offer an impressively huge bonus for every new customer. You can use 1xBet both on your Android and iPhone devices; the app offers a great platform on both these devices. However, it functions better for Android users so much so that it has been rated as the best cricket betting app on the OS. It also has some appreciable competitive odds and bonuses for the existing customers.

4.      Bet365

Not a single functional area appears as a setback for the popularity of the app to grow. Everything from the leagues offered to the payment options is almost impeccable. Almost all cricket events in the world are covered on this app, and the live streaming options make for a better overall experience. The app is also very easy to use, and it has a bet building option in both sports and casino games.

How to Bet on Sports for Beginners


Not many things have changed in the physical world because no conspicuous factors need any tweaks as the digital world does. It is the emergence of gambling in the online space that has led to the relentless gush of demand for enhanced features. Also, as the stigma has faded over the decades, more people have grown to like the practice. The betting industry has therefore developed exponentially in the past few years.

Sports fans are now more excited about betting on their favorite team than about the experience of watching it live. As more states are legalizing sports betting, there is a chance for the aspiring gamblers to explore this world. But if you are new to this practice, you need to pay attention to all the important details of betting. Winning isn’t as easy as withdrawing money from the bank and betting it on a sport. Here are a few tips that can help you gain a better understanding of sports betting.

1.      Underdog and Favorite

The oddsmakers release betting line on a game after deciding on which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. When there is a minus sign next to the team’s name, it is the favorite team, meaning they have a higher chance to win. The other team that gets a plus sign is the underdog, and they are expected to lose. When the books open as a ‘pick’, it means the game is a toss-up.

Underdog and Favorite

2.      Spreads

With two different methods available to bet on a team, you could be confused the first time as to which one suits you best. Both the underdog and favorite have their advantages, which you need to consider when placing a bet. You can go on to bet on the margin of victory, which is called the point spread. In this, the underdog receives points, whereas the favorite concedes a few points. You can opt for spreads in almost all sports, but they are most commonly used in basketball and football.

3.      Moneylines

If you want to bet on the underdog, go for the moneyline. This bet is dependent on the factor of winning at a game. More risk has to be assumed when betting on the favorites because they are expected to win. Since underdogs are already expected to lose, the risk is low, and the potential rewards are higher. It is in soccer, baseball, and hockey that moneylines are used predominantly.


4.      Over/Unders

Apart from the line set for the underdog and favorite, the oddsmakers also set a total score for the teams. The points for both the teams will be combined to make a number that can be bet upon. The punters are free to bet Over or Under that speculated total score.

5.      How and Where to Place a Bet

Almost all counties allow sports betting in America; so, you only need to head to a reliable site and sign up with your details and select a match you want to wager on. With plenty of websites offering betting services, you might find it difficult to narrow down to a single site. Among all the sports betting sites available, PointsBet, DraftKings, and BetMGM are the best. You can choose one from these and simply start betting.

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites

Betting Sites

Sports betting has been the favorite activity of most gamblers for centuries now. In the past, it was the basic events that led to the excitement in the community. As time passed, the possibility of betting on the more popular sports made the practice more enticing. But since this world of technology has given birth to the era of online activities, betting has also shifted to digital screens. Over the past few years, the physical bookies have declined in number because of the rising popularity of the sports betting sites.

Although these websites have been in the business for quite some time now, not many gamblers know these sites by their name or functions. Even the ones who are aware of the existence of these sites with good knowledge in their details fail to pick one from the available options. You need to check the sites before signing up into them, and your decision should also depend on the sport you select. Sports such as tennis, football, snooker, and racing are available on these sites. There are many other options as well, but all these might differ from one site to another. Here is a list of the best sports betting sites.

1.      Bet365

Of all the options available, Bet365 occupies the first position because it has several features that could make all users happy. The most attractive feature of Bet365 is the combination of a smooth site, the number of markets available, and the splendid odds. This amalgamation of a number of enticing facets has been putting a smile on the users’ faces for a long time now. Both new customers and existing users are provided with certain rewards and promotions, making everyone equally content with what they receive. Most of their offers keep changing with time; so, you need to check their page when you sign up.


2.      BetVictor

BetVictor or Victor Chandler is the site that has been offering the most competitive odds, and for the last few premiership seasons, it has had the best average odds. With their recent Acca Price Promise feature, you are provided with the best odds on more than five football accumulator. On almost all major sporting events, the cashback specials are run by offering everyone access to a wider range of rewards. The sign-up offer is also appreciable with generous offerings, unlike on many other sites.


3.      888

This has been one of the oldest names in the business with an experience of over twenty years. Not many people were into online gambling back in the day, but as more gamblers started placing bets online, their popularity grew. 888 is not known for their odds because it is only fairly decent when compared the other two on this list. However, the offers at this site is more than just attractive. These promotions have been the reason for 888 to occupy this spot on the list. The site has been spouting out such benefits almost every day. Loyal customers can also get their hands on the VIP rewards by placing bets in the free version.

Everything You Need To Know About IPL Betting

IPL Betting

Indian Premier League or IPL is one of the most popular cricket championships in the world. It is also one of the most sought after by the bettors. Betting on IPL is quite easy, and we are here to help guide you by providing the right tips and tricks to get you started.


The IPL tournaments represent eight cities in India where teams go-ahead for the largest prize where people win up to 200,000,000 rupees. IPL is relatively new and was established in 2008, and in a short amount of time, it gained immense popularity on a global scale.  In 2020, the league will be playing in a double round format where each team will play once in their home ground and one in the home ground of their opponent.

The teams who come on the top will later qualify for the playoffs made of qualifiers and elimination rounds and the finale. The teams at the top of the table face off first. The losing team will get eliminated on an additional chance at making it to the final.

How to bet effectively

IPL provides the bettors with huge opportunities which will allow the players to get an edge when betting online. There are many determinants which will help you build a strategy and make a profit. There are many ways to help gain an edge which will allow you to enjoy the right IPL betting.


Set a betting budget

Before you even begin analyzing, you need to make sure that you have money set aside to help for your betting budget. Betting online allows you to deposit funds and allows you to start placing the right bets, which can help understand the limits set up front.

Look at IPL betting odds

Now that you have a reasonable budget set, make sure that you have familiar odds which will help you determine the probability and profit when it comes to winning the right bet. If you are unfamiliar with the betting odds, try to make sure that you are making simple calculation with (odds* stake)- stake, this will help you avoid any losing stakes.

IPL betting odds

Learn the terms

Betting properly and profitability on IPL involves a lot of research. You need to make sure that you are making the right bets which can be based on guesses which rarely ends well. The main research focuses on the strengths, weaknesses and previous tournaments. This is a great tip which involves a great deal of data online with stacks of information regarding bowling and batting averages.

Focus on skilled players

There is a wide range of skilled players on the IPL tournaments, and the one which stands out will have an increased chance of bringing in more profit to you.

How To Gamble: Sports Betting


The emergence of the daily fantasy sports which can lead to the renaissance for conventional sports betting. With sports betting legal in many countries, millions of sports fans are trying to bet market for the first time.  Understanding sports is important before you move ahead, and in this article, we are going to be learning about sports betting and tips to help you move ahead.

Favourites vs Underdog

This is one of the best tips which will help you win. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you understand which team you pick to bet. Your favourite team can be expected to win, but with the minus sign, your odds can be little. The game needs to be selected in favour of odds and strategies to help you get the right win.



There are two different ways to be on the underdog, which can allow you to bet on the margin of victory. The favourite gives points while the underdog gets the points. Understand the way spreads work when a team wins the game by 8 points you win your bet but when more points are covered, and they get a seven which is a push which can help you get back your original bet. Spreads are available which allows you to bet on football and basketball.


This is the other best way to get your money on the underdog. This is based solely on which can allow you to win the game. Underdogs are given a plus designation which means that as you win, you are more likely to bet $100 on the game. If you lose the game, you are going down $100. Moneylines are your best bet where you can easily bet and move progressively higher as you understand the game building.



In addition to setting a line, you need to make sure that you are setting your favourite line on the underdogs who will allow you to set a total number of points scored. With over and under the total the bettors can easily use them to wager on the game which will allow you to get a total win. It is up to you to win a bet which can have an over 215 or under 215 to help you win or lose.

How to place a bet

After the legalization of sports betting across the world, you can take advantage of online sports betting from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is look into a website, learn the game and start placing your bets. The sportsbooks generally try to highlight the best bet for you to make the right decision as a beginner.

The Advantages of Sports Betting

Sports Betting

The gambling industry has been doing well, especially with online gambling, made easily available. There are quite a few advantages of how online sports betting can be preferred. Here are a few things mentioning the benefits of sports betting.

Easy to access

Online betting offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to online betting; you do not even have to leave the house. Online casinos give you access to online betting offers, which will help you place the bet at your time. All you have to do is online casino mobile applications have to make it more accessible, which can help you set the right bets.

Online betting

Access from anywhere

Online sports betting platform allows you to have the right advantages over the land casinos over the internet. Anybody from anywhere can have access over the casinos from any platform. Bettors who love racing and want to bet but do not enjoy the concept of being in a casino can easily make use of online casino to gain easy access.

Get better value for your money

With online casino, you do not have to pay for entering or have to pay for the casinos for foods and beverages. You can use the profits to help improve the services can help you attract the clients by giving them bonuses.

Easy to get started

When compared to some hobbies, online gambling does not require any equipment to learn new rules which can make them more efficient to participate. There are many things which can be rewarding and can take a lot of time and efforts. When compared to other sports, it is easier to get started. There are no additional requirements which can help you commit. You need to ask your local casino to help check the rules to help benefit your bet.

favourite games

Free streaming

This is another advantage of sports betting, where you will get to stream the whole event live on your screen. There are many streaming options for sports, and it generally depends on the betting site. Try to make sure that you are finding the right website which will offer you the best streaming options to help enjoy your favourite games.

Entertainment value

One of the main reason people love sports betting is due to the entertainment value that it provides. A live game is fun, and it can get interesting if you get some money involved. Try to make sure that you have a guest who can help you in the process of keeping everything interesting and also allows the sports betting to come in. You can wager on one team and enjoy the excitement that sports betting bring and make sure that your emotions do not determine the bet.

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